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How women can STILL get better car insurance deals

Until 2011, female UK drivers benefitted from the discounts offered to lady motorists on their vehicle insurance policy. Statistically women are far less likely than men to make a claim, mainly because they are involved in fewer accidents and those which they are party to tend to result in only minor damage rather than a write off. As a result, many insurers provided advantageous motor insurance deals specifically aimed at women behind the wheel. The 2011 EU Gender Directive ended the legality of women-only motor insurance, so currently an advantageous policy quote cannot be based on gender.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other criteria insurers take into account when calculating a motor premium figure, so if you’re a money-savvy female who wants more cover for less cost, why not consider some of the suggestions below for ways to ensure you obtain a competitive deal?

Consider Telematics

To some people, having a black box in the car, checking on where they drove to and when, what speed they went at, and how hard they braked and cornered could be an unacceptable breach of privacy. Others may be less concerned, particularly if it was saving them money or if they were parents who welcomed the fact that their children were under a certain degree of supervision when out on the road. The theory is that if a motorist drives in a more careful and safe manner than the average, then premiums for that person should reduce when the next renewal became due. On the other hand the opposite is the case. Someone who broke a speed limit too many, drove outside certain permitted hours or habitually hit the brakes heavily could find premiums rising swiftly or even have cover removed completely. These devices cost money, too, both to have them fitted and have them removed if there is a change of insurer, and this is reflected in the cost of the premium. Generally speaking a young or new motorist who intends to drive carefully and within the rules laid down could find premiums that were lower than the norm whereas experienced or older drivers may find little or no benefit. So, you may find a cheaper premium by accepting a telematic device in your car but read the conditions carefully and consider the drawbacks before committing yourself.

Save money by picking the right car

Insurers rank all makes and models of car into one of fifty different groups for the purposes of insurance. Usually the higher the group, the more expensive the policy is going to be. If you prefer vehicles which are economical and small rather than gas-guzzling, turbo-charged leviathans, then you’re almost certain to end up with a lower quote. Cars such as the Fiat Panda and Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback are examples of Group 1 cars which are extremely economical to insure.

Avoid Modifications

Lowered suspension, high-performance tyres and a sports exhaust may enable your car to express your personal style, but modifications often add large amounts to your insurance premium. If you normally use your vehicle for commuting, the school run or similar mundane activities, it’s probably best to retain the standard specification. Not only will this mean more cover for less outlay, modifications can also decrease fuel efficiency which in turn increases running costs.

Mileage Matters

The lower the mileage, the less the premium. If you tend to undertake mainly short, local journeys, check your annual mileage (it’s recorded on the MOT certificate each year, so can easily be tracked). Clocking up less than 10 000 miles a year is almost certain to result in a more competitive quote. Can you avoid peak driving times? If you can take the bus to work or walk the children to school, you can knock pounds off your policy as you won’t be driving in rush hour high risk conditions.

Occupational Benefits

Whilst it’s probably not worth changing careers in order to pay less for cover, it’s good to know that many professions commonly entered into by women (for example teaching and accountancy) are perceived as low risk by insurers. Because claims are rare from these occupational groups, premiums tend to be decreased.

No Claims Discount

Regardless of gender, a significant No Claims Discount (NCD) knocks a hefty sum off your policy renewal each year. In many cases it’s worth paying a little extra for NCD protection, which allows you to keep your NCD discount even if you do need to claim. Careful motoring is well worth while and as women are much less likely than men to claim, the NCD is a superb way of increasing your eligibility for lower insurance prices.

Consider Fully Comp

A common misconception is that Third Party insurance is always cheaper than a Fully Comprehensive policy. Although it would seem logical that the minimal cover afforded by a Third Party product would cost less, in reality it is frequently a more expensive option. Insurers deem the type of people who are statistically more likely to opt for Third Party cover as higher risk, so charge more. When you compare quotes, always check the Fully Comp option, as you may be pleasantly surprised at the premium price.

Be prepared to negotiate

If you are a typical lady driver then insurance companies want your business. So, before buying a policy, why not spend a few minutes telephoning the insurer that you have picked out, and asking if they can offer a better deal? The people who answer sales enquiries often have some leeway and usually agree to give you a lower quote or better benefits if you buy from them. It's worth a try but if you don't ask, you don't get.

Although the days of specific motor insurance discounts for women are gone, wise choices and sensible driving still pays dividends when it comes to finding attractive cover options. Regardless of gender, if you drive like a woman (which statistically means in a way which results in fewer accidents) and opt for economy rather than excess in your vehicle choice, you can benefit from some extremely attractive insurance deals.

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